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Interchange project to benefit Tea, spur increased revenues for county

I-29 interchange map.jpg

Renewed interest in an overpass project at Interstate 29 north of Tea could make 85th Street the next 41st Street, said Dan Lemme, co-owner of Harr & Lemme Development and an advocate for the project.

Though the possibility has been discussed before, the single biggest obstacle for the overpass — and eventual interchange, which will tie into future state highway 100 — has remained the same for several years: a lack of funding.

However, landowners and developers in the area believe the location is ripe for development now and are willing to work with Lincoln County to produce funding.

Erica Beck, vice president of development for Lloyd Companies, said the total project is valued at about $25 million, including $6 million for the overpass and $19 million for the interchange.

Lincoln County approved a resolution late last year to borrow up to $15 million to help fund the project, interest free, from the South Dakota Department of Transportation.

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