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Local boutique blossoms

Lauriebelle’s Boutique expands to make room for more merchandise.

The boutique that opened in 2013 in Laurie Karlson’s home moved into a store space in January 2014. After two months, she ran out of room and expanded to her current space. She now uses her old space for inventory.

“We’ve needed extra space for a long time. Finally, something came up that was going to work for us because that used to be occupied,” Karlson said. “It’s really helped to be able to spread out our stuff and to bring more items in, which is fun for us.

“We’re always trying to build our inventory and build our variety for our customers. This allows us to do that in just the nick of time,” she said.

Karlson said with the fall and Christmas shopping season already starting, the added space is welcome. They added about 300 square feet and now have about 2,500 square feet of space.

“Every month we continue to get busier. My manager calls this a Band-aid because we really need more but we’re going to make it work for a while,” she said.

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