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SonRise Baptist makes Lakota Events Hall new home

Members of SonRise Baptist Church moved their services from southeast Sioux Falls to Tea in May 2015.

Scott Worden, an elder and associate pastor with the church, said they decided to make the move after repairs to their facility in Sioux Falls were too expensive. He said it was in their best interest to sell the building and look for a new place to hold worship service. Friends of the church suggested using the Lakota Events Hall owned by Otto and Linda Hagedorn.

“It works out quite well,” Worden said. “When friends of the church knew we were looking for a new place to meet, they contacted Linda and Otto and they said we were more than welcome to meet there, so we’ve been sharing the facility with all of the other events that go on out there.”

SonRise Baptist formed in 1996 as an off-shoot from Ridgecrest Baptist in central Sioux Falls. When they first split, they met in an elementary school gymnasium in southeast Sioux Falls until they had enough money to buy their own building. They moved to that building in 2001 and stayed there until this past May.

Worden had not considered the move to Tea until they found out about the availability of the Lakota Events Hall.

“The hall suits us very nicely for the size of our congregation. We’ve also come to like the community of Tea. We enjoy the people of Tea and we even participated in the trunk-or-treat at the Catholic church,” Worden said.

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