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Tea City Council hears about possible speed limit changes

The Tea City Council met Feb. 1.

After approving the agenda, minutes and warrants, the council heard from Mayor John Lawler about the pay request for the athletic complex.

Lawler said the pay request involved the change order for the irrigation. The council approved the request in the amount of $15,168.77.

City finance officer Dawn Murphy talked about the street assessment on the property in Spencer Heights around Spencer Pond. The county does not want to maintain it and they cannot sell it.

Planning and zoning administrator Kevin Nissen said that area is an engineered flood zone that cannot be filled in. That area can only be maintained, not excavated. The council took no action.

Utilities superintendent Thad Konrad said they will be ordering all new signs and posts for the city through the grant it received from the department of transportation. Before ordering signs, Konrad thought it might be useful to discuss making the speed limit in town – with the exception of school zones and the main thoroughfares – the same. Some areas the speed limit is 25 mph and others it is 20 mph. Police chief Jessica Quigley said it would be easier if it was one or the other throughout town.

Lawler said they would look into what needs to be done before making a decision on 20 mph or 25 mph. The council will take up the matter at the Feb. 16 meeting.

Nissen reported that the city received a TAP grant to continue the bike path along Main Street down to the maintenance shop. Nissen also mentioned that he has received a couple of estimates on bleachers at the athletic complex.

Quigley noted police officers will have a training on computer-aided dispatch Feb. 17. Murphy said the new server will be installed Feb. 15.

The council adjourned at 7:41 p.m.

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