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Community veterans honored, remembered on Veterans Day

Memorial Day is for the fallen. Veterans Day is for those who served, survived and carried onward, and many still carry the scars of battle. Fortunately, that isn’t the case with this year’s special profile. When asked who would be a good candidate to be interviewed for our Veterans Day edition, local resident Tim Olson was instantly recommended. It was easy to see why upon reaching out.

A Minnesota native, Olson was born in Pipestone in 1949, but grew up on a farm in Trent, South Dakota until 1962. Olson’s family then moved to Egan, South Dakota where he would graduate from high school in 1967. He would join the South Dakota Air National Guard shortly after, and there he served his country until December 1999.

“I did not have the honor of actually fighting for my country, but served in many other ways,” said Olson.

He does have a few words of advice for today’s youth and especially those looking at the possibility of entering the military.

“If I learned anything, it was to always honor the flag and the nation behind that flag. If I was to say anything to our kids coming up to the age of serving, it would be to always serve your country with pride in any way you can.”

Olson has built a great life for himself, and his appreciation for it can clearly be seen in the way he describes his family.

“I have been married to my wonderful wife, Marlene, for 46 years. We have two fantastic children, Royce and Chantel, [and] also have five grandchildren: Brandy, Veronica, Mary Louise, Amanda and Preston, who are the joys of our lives. My wife and I are enjoying retirement and our grandchildren.”

Royce serves as an insurance adjuster for DeSmet Farm Mutual, and Chantel is a real estate agent and author of a new book called “Home Front Warriors”.

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