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City of Tea releases updated zoning map

The Tea City Council met March 6.

The council approved the minutes from the Feb. 6 meeting, the agenda with the addition of executive session and the warrants. Thad Konrad, utilities superintendent, noted the warrants included the purchase of some new loungers at the pool to replace the old ones that were breaking.

Planning and zoning administrator Kevin Nissen provided a summary of the Tea comprehensive plan proposal from Confluence that will include collecting demographic information, an infrastructure assessment, school plans and projections, parks, open space and other public uses, a land use plan and growth areas. That part of the plan is not to exceed $15,000.

In the next phase of the proposal, Confluence would get community input and visioning, not to exceed $6,000.

Mayor John Lawler wanted to do the additional community input portion and wanted to move forward with the comprehensive plan so the city is able to give a plan to Lincoln County to show them their plans for future land use.

The council approved all parts of the proposals. Lawler asked for volunteers to be on the Confluence committee. Councilmen Todd Boots and Larry Rieck volunteered.

During the public hearing for ordinance #244 on the tea zoning map revision, Nissen noted they were a little behind on updating the map since the last time it was updated was 2004. A second reading is on the agenda for the March 20 meeting.

Nissen and building inspector Tim Odland provided information for the first reading of the 2015 International Building Codes and Admendments, International Residential Codes and Amendments, International Property Maintenance Codes and Amendments, International Existing Building Codes and Amendements and International Mechanical Codes and Amendments. Nissen noted the city was using the 2009 building codes. Odland said using updated codes helps keep insurance down for property owners.

They agreed that following what Sioux Falls uses for building codes helps keep contractors on the same page.

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