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School board approves bond resolution

During Tuesday night’s school board meeting, the Tea Area School Board discussed the proposed elementary school and a $15.4 million bond issue that will be brought to public vote on June 20.

Superintendent Jennifer Lowery noted the city council will meet May 15 to discuss what they want for the city’s portion of the project. The building is proposed for 550 students in junior kindergarten through fifth grade.

The board heard from Tom Grimmond from Dougherty & Company about financing the bond. They discussed the length of the bond of 22 or 25 years. After discussion, the board decided on a 25-year schedule.

The board approved a bond resolution for $15.4 million for a new elementary school, furnishings and fixtures, street improvements and land purchase. The district will have community information sessions to inform the public about their plans between now and June 20.

The board approved the conflict disclosure of Todd Irvine’s son who has been hired by Jans Corporation, the school’s construction manager. They also approved the conflict disclosure of Conrad Pick’s daughter who has been hired by Reliabank.

They approved the minutes from April 10, the receipt of financials and bills. They approved two bills from Daggett Tree Service for $217.20 and Diamond D Construction $1,407.60 with Kristen Daggett abstaining.

Business manager Chris Esping presented bids for the copier lease. They received bids from five companies. The board approved the bid from Marco.

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