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Future uncertain for local business

The future for Tea Heritage Square on Heritage Parkway in Tea is uncertain.

Owner Tammy Reynolds, along with her daughter Becky Herrmann, said they may have to close the store if they cannot find a more affordable place to rent soon.

Their lease is up Aug. 31, however, there is a chance that the building is being sold before that. If that’s the case, the possible new owners want them out in July.

“I’m trying to hang on. I’m trying not to give up. I’m trying to be positive,” Reynolds said. “There’s the unexpected that we can’t control. It’s either going to work and something will come available or I’ll just end up closing and looking for another job. If they buy the building, we’ll abide by their wishes and move out. Otherwise, we’re going to try hanging in there as long as we can.”

Tea Heritage Square opened in November. The store buys and sells gently used clothing, home furnishings and decor.

Reynolds is thankful for the support she’s received from her clientele during this uncertain time.

“Now that we’re closing people are donating to us left and right because they don’t want us to close,” she said.

Reynolds ran a similar store in Canton before opening Tea Heritage Square. She said in her experience it takes 2-5 years to get where you want to be with a business.

To be closer to the business, her daughter bought a home in Tea and Reynolds sold her house in Canton to move into an apartment 10 minutes from Tea.

Reynolds has enjoyed her neighbors, Rosewood Cabinetry. She said they are not affected by a possible sale of the building because they own their part.

Reynolds continues to look for a new place to rent in Tea so she can move her store and remain open.

“I had a really nice gal from Lennox who asked me if I would consider Lennox. I have called a couple of people here in Tea. We don’t need a building this big, but I don’t want it so tiny that people can’t enjoy their shopping experience in here,” Reynolds said.

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