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Living the Dream with Midwest All-Pro Wrestling

When I was younger, I remember begging my parents to watch Hulk Hogan wrestle whatever nemesis braved the ring to try and defeat him, just as many of you did. With the amazing costumes and extreme moves like the dropkick and pile driver, every moment draws you into the ring. Now, you can be part of the experience right here with Midwest All-Pro Wrestling, in Tea.

Midwest All-Pro Wrestling (MAP), was founded in 2015 by Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore, who was a professional wrestler with the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), and a coach with WWE NXT. MAP is a professional wrestling company that provides all-ages live pro wrestling events, and also trains aspiring superstars in the art of professional wrestling. Whether you want to watch a live show, or be a part of the action yourself, MAP is an adventure that everyone can enjoy.

Dinsmore has an extensive background with over 20 years of experience in wrestling, and coaching. “I wanted to be a wrestler since I was 7. I finally got my start in 1996 and was hired on by the WWE in 1999”, said Nick. “In 2004 I got my big break and started wrestling on TV, debuting on Monday Night Raw as the lovable character Eugene.” Dinsmore excelled and had the chance to wrestle with Hulk Hogan and spend time in the ring with big names like The Rock, along with many other stars during his five years on the show.

Yet during his time performing and years of coaching, he kept dreaming of opening a school and realized he could reach that vision here in South Dakota. In November of 2015, Dinsmore opened his doors with two students. Within six months, it tripled, and today Nick has a roster of 24.

“It’s not just wrestling, it’s an investment in yourself,” stated Dinsmore. Wrestling can build character, self-esteem, and definitely help you get in shape. Training consists of a 21 sessions over a seven week period, with the next session starting August 14th. Training is very physical, including cardio routines while also learning how to perform wrestling moves. “We look like we are hurting each other, but don’t,” said member Nick Ram, also known as Loverboy.

Dinsmore teaches members how to safely wrestle, accentuating their strengths and masking their weaknesses along with in-ring techniques, ring psychology and interview skills. He also helps each member develop the personality of their characters. “Wrestling is about the story, the characters and the costumes. We want to draw people in,” said Dinsmore. “It’s sort of like stand-up comedy; we have a general script, but switch it up depending on how the audience is responding.”

Drawing people to shows is important to Dinsmore, not just to support his members, but also because many MAP events raise money for local charities such as Feeding South Dakota, and the VFW. Recently MAP hosted an event to support one of their biggest fans, a young girl battling cancer. The next event on August 13th at the Icon Lounge, is a benefit show to raise money for one of their own. “Dagz” suffered an injury that will prevent him from wrestling again. Along with the show, MAP will also have a raffle and a silent auction for wrestling memorabilia with proceeds going to medical bills.

While many events are hosted by the Icon Lounge in Sioux Falls, Dinsmore hopes to soon hold monthly MAP events at the training center in Tea. “I feel like people are listening and watching,” he said. “They want to watch and be a part of this homegrown experience that South Dakota doesn’t have.”

To find out more information about Midwest All-Pro Wrestling and pursue your dream, or just take in a show, visit their website at, follow them on Facebook, or call Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore at 605.951.2910. A new training semester begins August 14th with 21 classes held every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00-8:00pm. MAP is located at 46966 Monty St, #2 in Tea.

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