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School board approves new bond resolution

At the September meeting, the board approved the issuance of the bond for Venture Elementary. However, after a call with the rating agency, business manager Chris Esping said they would get a better interest rate by using the state’s AA rating.

The board rescinded the bond resolution from the September meeting and moved to go ahead with the new resolution that uses the state’s rating.

The board approved the Sept. 11 meeting minutes, financials and bills.

Esping said they wrapped up the audit last week with no findings. They have always been dinged on the audit for separation of duties. Since the board is doing quarterly financial reviews, that was removed. Board president John Herr said they received a letter from the state saying the district has met the teacher compensation rate the state set forth. Thirty-five districts did not.

The board moved the remaining money from the construction funds for Legacy and Frontier in the amount of $13,401.90 to capital outlay.

Superintendent Jennifer Lowery has been working with the district’s attorneys on what needs to be done with 7th Street by the new Venture Elementary. The district cannot amend the purchase agreement because the road was not done before the purchase agreement. The street needs to be publicly bid. Now 7th Street is between Boulder Group and the city.

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