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Tea Area graduate pursues doctor dream

When Lance Shaull was nearing the end of high school, the seed of becoming a doctor started growing.

Shaull, who grew up outside of Tea and graduated from Tea Area in 2011, did not know much about medicine or medical school. But, he decided to go to Augustana University in Sioux Falls, where he majored in biology and minored in psychology before graduating in 2015.

While he graduated with a degree in biology, he noted that students can major in whatever they like but can tell the college they attend that they want to go to medical school and the school will make sure they get the right prerequisites.

“I would encourage anyone that was looking into medical school to study whatever they are most passionate about during their undergraduate studies. I have classmates that have majored in film, philosophy, dance and all of them have incredibly different backgrounds that will add to their skills as a doctor,” Shaull said. “I think it’s really important to study what you’re passionate about. Medical schools will see that and appreciate it.”

After graduating from Augustana, Shaull spent some time doing some research in Boston for Global Neurology. Then, he went to Kenya for eight months to work on some projects for Global Neurology and emergency medicine research.

Part of the research he was doing in Kenya was on brain development in developing countries. While there, he was able to work in a hospital there. His time in Kenya was amazing.

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