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Flavorful fundraiser: Chili cook-off raises funds for St. Nicholas' youth activities

Saturday night St. Nicholas Church in Tea was a busy place as they held their annual Chili Cook-off and Live Auction. The proceeds from the event help to support St. Nicholas’ youth events and activities.

Organizers of the event were St. Nicholas parishioners Bob and Diane Biver.

It was reported that approximately 175 people attended the event. During the live auction, parishioner Pat Heeney took the lead as he auctioned the different items. One of the most unique items to be auctioned according to church secretary Sharon Metzger was a white lab puppy.

The event has been going on for ten or more years Metzeger said. The Chili Cook-off drew over a dozen entries.

This year’s chili judges were Mary Steiner of Stifel Financial Group, Kyle Svanda of Sunshine Foods and Chad Howard of Variety Foods.

Svanda said, “Two other judges and myself were trying to determine winners based on three categories: most flavorful, lasting impression, and hottest. Picking the hottest was the easiest of the categories — the one that made us sweat after one bite took that award! The most flavorful and lasting impression were more difficult. All of the entries could have received either of these awards, in the end though we were able to decide on two entries that we felt were most deserving of these awards.”

The winners of the chili cook-off were: Hottest – Chad Carroll, Most Flavorful – Joe Munson, and Most Lasting Impression – Karen Blasius.

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