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Young entrepreneur starts lawn care business in Tea

Mowing the lawn is one of those chores that either you look forward to with earnest or you dread as you trudge out to the shed to unleash your mower on the grass. Those that either fall into the second category or just simply prefer to leave the lawn care into the hands of a professional would be pleased to know that Chris Luden has opened up a lawn care business right outside of Tea.

Luden’s business, called ‘Premier Lawn Care’ provides a variety of services, including lawn maintenance, seasonal cleanups, edging, and landscape maintenance. Armed with a variety of equipment, such as a zero turn riding lawnmower, walk behind mower trimmers, blowers, and the like, Luden has been eager to meet the lawn care demands of Tea, Sioux Falls, and the surrounding area.

Luden stated that, “I always had a knack for doing it.”

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