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City council passes ordinance to rezone Serenity Park Addition

With the entire council present, but Mayor John Lawler and finance officer Dawn Murphy absent, Chuck Ortmeier led the council’s first meeting of the month on Sept. 3.

The council held the second reading of ordinance 268, an ordinance to rezone Serenity Park Addition from agriculture to a planned development district and amend the official zoning map of the city of Tea. Planning and zoning administrator Kevin Nissen said the only difference from the first reading was increasing the housing density from 3.95 units per acre to 4.4 units.

Council member Casey Voelker expressed his dislike for the amount of frontage these lots would have. Nissen said the city can decide on the frontage in a planned development district. He also noted the need for affordable housing in Tea and this development would help. The council approved the second reading, with Voelker voting no.

Nissen presented the site plan for Weller Brothers, tract B in Landmark Industrial Park. The plan calls for constructing a 9,720 square foot landscape contractor shop. The council approved the plan.

City administrator Dan Zulkosky updated the council on a couple of changes to the 2020 appropriations ordinance 269. The second reading will be held at their next council meeting.

The council approved the hiring of Dwight VanZee at $18 per hour as a maintenance employee.

Voelker discussed extending the school zone on First Street from Deerview Avenue past Mary Avenue to the fire station and adding a crosswalk at First and Main. Zulkosky said he will work on that.

The council adjourned at 7:54 p.m.

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