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A stranger reaffirms community’s giving spirit

Life is full of the unexpected. When we go through our day-to-day tasks, we tend not to look for the unusual. Recently a few residents of Tea had their day-to-day tasks interrupted when two young boys were trying to purchase items at Dollar General.

Two boys from Tea made their selections, but when they went to pay, the unexpected happened. One of the boy’s parents’ credit card didn’t work.

Sometimes we see things happen and just let them happen, however that wasn’t the case for the customer in line behind these two young men. The woman behind them in line at the Dollar General offered to pay for their items, and they happily accepted her generosity. The boys were so thankful.

When the boys got back to Brody’s house they told his dad Shad Hawkey about what had happened.

Brody said, “I knew she would just pay for it, because that’s what people in Tea do.”

Shad then went to Facebook for help in locating the unknown women. Shad posted on “Tea Connect” Facebook group.

Tea Connect is a Facebook group that was set up for residents of Tea to be able to reach out to other members of the community with questions about Tea, post events that are happening in Tea and the surrounding area and any other information that may be important or relevant to the residents of Tea.

While Shad posted the original message thanking the unknown lady for her random act of kindness, the other boy Kage Schmaus’ mom, Katie Schmaus, expressed her gratitude on Facebook by commenting, “Wait what? Thank you from the other kid’s mom that was with Shad’s son!”

Schmaus was not the only one to comment on the post. There were other members who tried to help figure out the identity of the woman. Many of the other comments posted were in regard to how nice it is to still see there are good people in the world and to pay it forward next time you can.

Despite utilizing the Facebook group that has a little over two thousand members the woman’s name is still unknown.

The families would like to thank her personally even though they still don’t know who she is. They appreciated her willingness to step up and help in a time of need.

If anyone knows who this kind stranger might be please let her know that her small act of kindness has not gone unnoticed.


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