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Another option for Tea’s furry residents — new pet groomer on Main Street

A new dog groomer has set up shop on North Main in Tea.

Furry and Fabulous Pet Grooming opened in August in the space at 910 North Main Ave., Suite 104, previously occupied by Lacy’s Struttin’ Mutts. Since the suite was already set up as a grooming parlor, owners Ashley Mork and Mandi Hubert did not have much to change before opening.

“We have it set up differently. We added a drying bench and some outlets,” Hubert said.

Hubert and Mork accept all breeds of dogs and can schedule six to seven dogs a day for each of them. They are open every day except Sundays.

They offer grooming services like baths, haircuts, nail trims, clean ears, teeth brushing and nail filing.

Hubert and Mork worked together at PetSmart about 10 years ago. Eventually Mork moved back to her hometown of Yankton and opened a Furry and Fabulous there. She decided she missed the Sioux Falls area and moved back, where she and Hubert both live now.

The two had talked about opening a shop together if the opportunity ever arose. It did and they decided to open this year in Tea.

“It was something we had talked about where she potentially wanted to reopen and asked me if she’d ever do that if I would join her and I said certainly. The opportunity came where Lacy was moving and this place was being re-leased,” Hubert said. “We thought it was already set up for a grooming salon, that would be perfect.”

They like the feel of a smaller community that Tea offers. They feel motivated to get involved in the community and like how nice and quiet it is.

They both found a passion in dog grooming and like working with dogs.

“We’re both passionate about what we do. We enjoy working with the dogs,” Hubert said. “It’s definitely something we’re passionate about. We look forward to growing the business and we’re really excited.”


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