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Blessings box brings hope

Instead of a little library, Amy Stainbrook decided to put up a blessings box in front of her home where people can leave a donation or take items they need.

The idea came to Stainbrook this summer when she was lying in bed thinking of ideas of something she could do for people in need. The next morning she got up and starting looking online for options and found that this was not a new idea. She found people all over that have done a box like this and even found instructions on how to build one.

“In our household we try to routinely, individually and as a family, do some type of good deed in whatever type of form,” she said.

A family friend from Mitchell constructed the box and Char DeVries made the sign that hangs on it - “If you can give, please do. If you need, please take. Be kind always!”

Stainbrook, along with her husband and son, were stockpiling items in totes in their home. The box was installed and ready for use in August.

“It was fun to go to the store. I’m notorious when I bring groceries home and my husband and son help unload and they ask what goes in the blessings box pile and what’s ours,” she said. “That’s been fun and it’s really become a family project.”

So far, the box has gone well. She has seen some common interest from people who have taken items from the box. Hygiene items and laundry supplies have been popular.

She said others have been great at putting things in the box that she hadn’t thought of, like face masks and hand sanitizer.

“I wish I had a bigger box. I think it’s been well received. We definitely see items coming and going out of it multiple times a week,” she said. “That’s the goal of it. It makes us very happy.”

Stainbrook belongs to Trinity Lutheran Church where the community food pantry is housed. She credits the church with doing a great job of reaching out into the community and getting people food.

To find the blessings box, stop at 205 W. Charish St. in Tea.


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