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City approves slurry seal project

The Tea City Council met March 18 and approved the summer slurry seal project.

The project will not start until after Teapot Days and would involve a slurry seal on Gateway Boulevard from 468th Avenue to Heritage Parkway, on Cole Avenue from West High Pointe Street to Gateway Boulevard, on West High Pointe Street from 468th Avenue to North Main Avenue, on Gateway Lane from Heritage Parkway to Gateway Boulevard and on James Avenue from East 1st Street to East 7th Street. The council approved $134,957.64 for the project. City administrator Justin Weiland said by doing a slurry seal on roads when they get to 4-5 years old helps keep those streets in better shape longer.

The council approved the pay application for phase 4 of the Tea Athletic Complex from LT Companies for $110,131.80. They still have some electrical and irrigation work to get done before the project is complete.

They approved the quit claim deed for lot 8, block 7 in Nine Mile Lake Addition for a future park. The space is at final grade right now.

The city approved the abatement of property taxes of $2,496.72 for Ray Sievers, a disabled veteran who missed the deadline.

The council approved the hiring of full-time police officer John Roman at $33.75 per hour.

Weiland asked the council if they wanted to discuss limiting the number of video lottery establishments attached to liquor licenses like the city of Sioux Falls did in 2022. The council felt it was not much of a concern at this time, but Weiland will do more homework on the subject.


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