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City Council approves meeting time change

The Tea City Council met Jan. 22 and approved two ordinances.

They approved the second reading of ordinance 315, an ordinance amending the municipal ordinances of the city by amending chapter 1 administrative code, amending section 1.02 mayor and city council meetings. The city council meetings will now meet at 6 p.m. on the first and third Mondays of the month.

They also approved the second reading of ordinance 314, an ordinance to approve 2023 supplement appropriations in the amount of $6,077,000 for 2023 from US obligated monies.

The council held a public hearing for the transfer of alcoholic beverage licenses from Boss’ Pizzeria & Sports Bar to El Effecto at 215 S. Main Ave. With no public to comment, the council approved the transfer. The liquor license includes retail (on sale) liquor and package (off sale) liquor.

Planning and zoning administrator Kevin Nissen presented the site and foundation plans for Maker’s Market in the Bakker Landing Addition northeast of Casey’s. The proposed building is 12,600 square feet. Parking meets zoning standards. They are adding some screening on the backside of the building and will need screening on the loop that goes around the building to keep headlights from glaring onto the interstate off-ramp. The council approved the plans.

Nissen also noted that the steering committee for the Tea Comprehensive Plan will meet Jan. 24. Confluence will lead the committee.

They also approved a resolution acknowledging the assignment of ordinance 261 from Northwestern Corporation to Northwestern Energy Public Service Corporation.

City administrator Justin Weiland said they are preparing a grant submission for a RAISE grant for the 85th Street project. He noted that it might take a few attempts to access the federal grant.

Councilman Joe Weis asked if the city would be looking at raising the minimum parking number. Nissen said the current number is standard for parking minimums. He noted that people should know their business and know if they need more than the minimum parking standard, but they can look at changing it.

The council adjourned at 7:21 p.m.


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