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Indoor Softball Facility opens in Tea

The Playground - Indoor Softball Facility has announced their grand opening in Tea to be on Sunday, May 1st.

The Playground is an indoor training facility, specifically designed for softball players. They focus on creating a customized experience for each individual athlete. The Playground employs a team of dedicated instructors that determine the best way to train each athlete.

A spokesperson said, “Growing up playing competitive softball, kids sacrifice their time that would have been spent being a normal kid, to practicing, traveling to tournaments, and playing games. This time would have otherwise been spent on a traditional playground. These kids have made the decision to trade outdoor swings and slides, for swings and reps in the batting cages at their local facilities. They grew up in these cages. The Playground is a place that is dedicated to the kids that want to be the best they can be, and the kids that know it will take hard work to make that happen.”

The Sioux Falls area was in need of an indoor training facility that could fulfill the needs of young, female athletes.

A spokesperson said, “At The Playground, you will find a team of dedicated instructors that will take their time to really get to know their athletes in order to determine the best way to train them. We do not believe in a ‘cookie cutter’ approach. Each athlete will be treated as an individual and pushed accordingly to meet and exceed their goals.”

The Playground - Indoor Softball Facility is located at 200 E. Highpointe Street, Tea.

To learn more about one of Tea’s newest businesses visit them online at

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