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Lincoln County Commissioners approve bids at Mar. 7 meeting

The Lincoln County Commission met Tuesday, March 7 in the Lincoln County Board Room.

Highway Superintendent, Terry Fluit joined the meeting to discuss bid approvals with the Commissioners.

“The first item I have is the approval to purchase off a Harding County bid for milling, full depth reclamation, injection and laid back work,” Fluit said. The work will be done on the County Road 152 project.

“The FDR process will be $1.28 a square yard and in the additive injection and lay back process is going to be $1.28 a square yard, so we are looking to purchase off this bid so we can hopefully get our project done this year for County Road 152,” Fluit said.

Motion approved.

The next item Fluit presented was requesting board action to approve the purchase off Harding County bid for a base stabilizing agent.

“There was one bidder for this bid, and that was Team Lab for base one, the price on that for 15 plus totes is $23.75 per gallon and I’m assuming we’re going to be over 15 plus totes,” Fluit said.

Motion approved.

Fluit presented the commission with a bid to approve a purchase off Beadle County for metal culverts and bridge supplies.

“This is something we’ve been doing the last few years, just purchasing our metal culverts off of their bid and I will give you a couple prices on their standard sizes. 18 inch metal culverts are $24.75 a square foot and 24 inch culverts are $31.35 a square foot,” he said.

Motion to purchase metal culverts from True North Steel was approved.

The final request for approval was for a Polaris Ranger for the Weed Department.

“We went out and got two quotes one is from Vern Eide Motoplex in Sioux Falls and they quoted us $14,495 and the other was from Grossenburg Implement out of Beresford and that one is $16,499,” Fluit said.

Both bids were for the same model Ranger.

“Vern Eide is giving us a rebate if you purchase in the first quarter on this machine and Vern Eide is giving back the whole rebate and I believe I was told Grossenburg is not,” Fluit added.

Motion approved.

Human Resources Director, Traci Humphrey joined the meeting to asking to approve the appointment of the Lincoln County Treasurer, Francine Hofer.

“If approved, Francine Hofer will be the Lincoln County Treasurer, effective April 3, 2023 for an annual salary of $90,000,” Humphrey said. Motion approved.

Doug Rice joined the meeting during the public comment period on to share with the commission his thoughts on land seized by the county.

“I am here on behalf of myself, my brother David, my brother, Dale and his ex-wife Pat Nelson as their land has been seized by the county because of back taxes. We were not paying them because there is a court battle that is going on and we wanted to wait until we knew who owned it to pay the taxes,” Rice said.

The Commission referred Rice to the Civil Deputy States Attorney.


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