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Scooter’s Coffee in Tea donates $2,858.70 to Tea Area Food Pantry

In a display of community spirit, Scooter’s Coffee in Tea celebrated its first year participating in the annual Day of Giving on November 15th by donating an impressive $2,858.70 to the Tea Area Food Pantry. The donation, comprising 100% of the day’s sales, was presented on Nov. 21, just in time to make a meaningful impact as the holiday season approaches.

Travis Rhoades, owner of Tea Scooter’s, expressed his enthusiasm for the community initiative, stating, “On these days, we donate 100% of sales to a local organization. There is no shortage of wonderful and amazing local organizations in Tea, but we decided to partner with the Food Pantry this year. Cash donations are so important to food pantries because it allows them to purchase items that can’t be donated as easily, such as dairy, meat, and other perishable items. It was a really great turnout, and we’ll absolutely be hosting another Day of Giving in 2024.”

The generous contribution from Tea Scooter’s will significantly aid the Tea Area Food Pantry in its mission to support those in need within the community. Ruth Anderson, the pantry’s manager, was amazed at the donation and provided insights into the impact of the donation and the pantry’s mission.

“The donation will go towards buying food and necessities so we can add to the products that we supply to the people who come to see us,” Anderson explained. “Our goal is to reach all the people in the Tea area who need assistance. We want to create a friendly and inviting place where individuals in need can find support.”

When asked about assessing the needs of the community, Anderson emphasized the importance of keeping staples on hand. She shared practical examples, stating, “Canned vegetables are wonderful for the food pantry, but people may not have can openers. We also face challenges with items like Mac and cheese, which require butter and milk, but we don’t have refrigeration for perishables.”

Anderson highlighted the ongoing needs of the pantry and encouraged the community to come forward and get involved.

“Donations are always welcome, especially non-perishable foods. We appreciate the support from schools and collaborations with organizations like Feeding South Dakota. Monetary donations are also very welcome, as they go a long way in purchasing essential items like meat and chicken.” These items can be stored in the Pantry’s freezer. 

Tea Area Food Pantry remains open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-5 p.m., inviting anyone in need to visit. Additionally, appointments can be arranged by calling Anderson at 605-321-7325.

The success stories and positive impacts of the Tea Area Food Pantry serve as a testament to the strength of community support. As the pantry continues to grow, Anderson expressed her aspirations, saying, “We just want to invite as many people to come out as needed.”


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