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Tea Area High School Cheer squad prepares for competitive season with ‘Barbie’ themed routine

The upcoming competitive cheer season at Tea Area High School is generating a buzz of excitement as the cheerleading squad gears up to deliver dazzling performances that showcase their dedication and hard work.

The squad, under the direction of Coach Sarah Springman, is slated to perform a captivating “Barbie” themed routine at local competitions.

Springman revealed that the team has invested considerable effort into honing their stunting skills, setting the stage for an array of complex and challenging maneuvers that surpass the accomplishments of previous years.

To prep for the season the competitive cheerleaders have had open gyms at least twice a week throughout the summer.

“They have also been required to go the weight room” said Springman.

When the season began, the team started with three hour practices every day for two weeks.

“Last year, we did mostly ‘advanced’ level stunts. This year, we have been working on ‘elite’ level stunts like one legs, kick-full basket tosses and full ups to extensions.”

The Tea Area High School cheerleading roster reads as a testament to the squad’s diverse talents. Comprising a mix of seniors, juniors, sophomores, and underclassmen, this year’s members bring a fresh dynamic to the team. Team members include: Seniors: Kennedi Johannsen, Logan Michalek, Breanne Semmler, Allyson Turek; Juniors: Kyla Brown, Adison Ernster, Lillian Kaiser, Jaydin Mitchell, Addison Naser, Ramsey Stansbury, Jadyn Webster; Sophomores: Leah Ackmann, Aubrey Mehlbrech, Rease Moe, Olivia Olawsky; Freshmen: Tessa Brech, Emersyn Cauwels, Savannah Seidell; 8th Grade: Jovie Evans, Sarah Wilson; and 7th Grade: Alaina Norris.

While no specific halftime themes or performances are confirmed yet, the cheerleading squad’s community involvement remains robust. The squad participated in Tea Pot Days, where they showcased their talents by face painting and braiding hair for young Titans, and also contributed by serving dinner at The Banquet.

In terms of competitions, the cheerleaders are particularly looking forward to the Dell Rapids event and the State competition. The State competition, set to take place at the Premier Center in Sioux Falls, has the team excited for the opportunity to perform in front of a large and supportive fan base.

For students, parents, and fans looking to get involved and support the Titan competitive cheerleading squad, there are exciting avenues to engage. The squad will be hosting cheer camps for “Little Titans,” offering an opportunity for young enthusiasts to learn from the seasoned performers. Additionally, fans can catch the squad in action at various competitions throughout the season.


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