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Tea city holds first reading of new COVID-19 ordinance

The Tea City Council met April 6 and approved an ordinance regarding emergency measures relating to COVID-19.

The council did not approve ordinance 271 because of the evolving restrictions due to the virus. Instead they discussed and approved ordinance 272, an ordinance adopting regulations pertaining to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Mayor John Lawler said this ordinance is more in line with Sioux Falls and surrounding communities. It reduces the amount of patrons they can have on their premises. This restricts businesses to 10 customers plus employees. Lawler has been in touch with businesses in the community, particularly the restaurants.

The ordinance also maintains the closure of city hall, city maintenance and community hall to the general public. All city parks, playground equipment, basketball courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, benches, picnic tables and covered areas are closed to the public.

Lawler said the bigger issue right now is social gatherings by groups of people in their yard. The ordinance urges citizens not to gather in groups of 10 or more people. Lawler did not think the public is taking it seriously enough.

The ordinance also noted the violation of the ordinance could result in fines of $500 per offense.

The council did not put an effective-until date in the ordinance, but will during the second reading.

They approved the March 17 meeting minutes, along with the March 17 local review board minutes. They also approved the April 6 claims and the final pay application for 85th Street water supply connection from AB Contracting for $5,830.91.

Jason Bennett addressed the council in public comments about a proposed golf cart ordinance. He has been in touch with the state about what they require to license. He said municipalities can make their own ordinance. He referenced the cities of Hartford and Milbank when coming up with his own rough draft.

He said it is pretty simple stuff and the council only needs to figure out how much license and renewal costs should be, plus any equipment needed on the cart.

Mayor John Lawler notes that a decision needs to be made on whether or not they move forward. Since this was not an agenda item, the council will put it on the next meeting.

Planning and zoning administrator Kevin Nissen reported on the 2045 Tea long-range transportation plan. He asked the council to review the proposed or planned street projects for the next two years so they have the most up-to-date information to submit to the Sioux Falls Metro Planning Organization. The board approved the plan.

Nissen also addressed the council about street lighting in the Artisan Addition. Developer Kelly Nielson took over the development in the addition. In 2016 Nissen said they changed their developer agreement, that the developer has to submit a lighting plan and coordinate with the electrical companies. Nissen said Nielson got in the middle of this. Six lights need to go in. Southeastern Electric estimates $1,000 apiece to put in. Lawler asked Nissen to see if they would come back with a better price and work with Nielson.

The council approved the liquor license for Squealer’s from their current location to their new location.

City administrator Dan Zulkosky reported that he has a golf cart ordinance prepared and will bring it to the next meeting.

Lawler talked about the cruise night. He said it started out as a great idea but there’s too many people and it is going on for two hours. People are not being strapped in. He was going to reach out to organizers.

He also said they will have to determine if the pool will open this year and what will happen with Teapot Days in the future.

The council adjourned at 8:26 p.m.


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