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Tea youth makes it back to the wrestling mat after accident

Last July after he got off work, Tea sophomore Hunter Wilson headed to the local hardware store to pick up a few things. On his way home while driving his moped Wilson was struck by an SUV.

He had no time to react to avoid the accident. Wilson attempted to get up after being struck but soon realized something wasn’t right. Shortly after the accident, Wilson was informed by his doctors that he had broken his femur in half and dislocated his hip. Not the news anyone wants to receive, especially, a high school wrestler.

Wilson was rushed to emergency surgery and now has a rod the length of his femur in his leg. Three days after the surgery Wilson was sent home to start the long recovery process. At first, Wilson needed help with everything. To get back to his normal daily routine, Wilson had to start physical therapy.

The first month consisted of going to therapy three times a week. Then the next four and half months Wilson went to therapy two times a week. Wilson continues to go to therapy every other week.

“The recovery was very hard. I had to work for every step I took,” said Wilson.

With the help of his therapy team and Wilson’s determination, he has been able to return to wrestling for the Tea Titans.

On February 1 Wilson was able to get back onto the mat for the first time at the Tea junior varsity tournament. During the tournament, Wilson went 3-0, with two pins.

“It was so fun to see all my hard work show,” said Wilson.

Since the accident, Wilson says he does wrestle differently. Somethings are harder than they used to be, and he tries to protect his leg more than he used to. Besides that, he hasn’t had to change anything. Wilson is just glad to be able to get back to the mat this season.

Wilson also wanted to say thank you to the community.

“Everyone has been so supportive of me and my recovery,” stated Wilson.

He appreciates the support and the enthusiasm others show for him to be back on the mat.


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