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TAHS alumni celebrate graduation in triplicate

Jamie Bohaboj_edited.jpg

Jamie Bohaboj and Garrett Welsh celebrated the first of three graduations each with the class of 2014 in May at Tea Area High School. Then in mid-June and late May, respectively, each set out for another adventure: basic training that would culminate in their becoming full-fledged members of the South Dakota Army National Guard (SDANG).

After graduating from basic training, both Bohaboj and Welsh went on to receive more specialized training to prepare them for future SDANG job assignments. Bohaboj is now a part of the 1742nd Transportation Unit, based in Sioux Falls. She will help maintain the logistic and supply chain by keeping track of the equipment issued to soldiers. “There’s paperwork for everything,” she says.

Garrett is now a member of the 235th Unit, also based in Sioux Falls, serving as a military police officer. “I knew I wanted to join the Army ever since I was little, but I wanted to be able to serve while also staying near family and attending college,” Welsh said.

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