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Area volunteers create a chain of giving


Jan Muhlenkort is a woman on a mission. When Father Kevin O’Dell, the priest at her church, asked for one of his congregants at St. Nicholas Church in Tea to help coordinate a volunteer group to serve needy families in Sioux Falls, Muhlenkort signed up. She had retired from her day job as a nurse and was looking to put her time to good use.

Muhlenkort has led the volunteer effort for over a year now. She and other St. Nicholas members began helping serve meals at the Good Shepherd Center and made the transition to the Bishop Dudley Hospitality House when it opened near 8th Street and Indiana Avenue last month. Bishop Dudley has absorbed the old Good Shepherd Center and other charitable operations. The goal is to make the center a place where as many needs can be addressed as needed to get its clients back on their feet.

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