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DigiFarm installs base station in Tea

A GPS base station went up in Tea last week. DigiFarm president David Dusanek stopped in Tea on his way from the company’s headquarters in Monticello, Iowa, to North Dakota to install a GPS base station – what looks like a white egg – on top of the city fire department building. When they are looking for a place to install these stations, they need it to be on a stable structure. Since the fire department is a masonry-type building, that is a good fit.

“If the building moves, then the GPS antenna moves. We’re trying to survey these systems down to a few millimeters. We just can’t have a whole lot of movement and get the results we want to get,” Dusanek said.

The stations need to be placed on a stable structure and need to have a clear view of the sky. They need a reliable Internet connection to ensure a strong signal.

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