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Council hears from Goldammer developer

The Tea City Council met Oct. 19 with a joint meeting with the Tea Economic Development Corporation.

Following their session with TEDC, the council started the rest of the meeting at 7:10 p.m. Many citizens attended the meeting to hear about the Goldammer developer agreement.

Kevin Nissen, city planning and zoning administrator, presented final plans to the council. The plat is submitted and the council and landowner Gerry Goldammer have a copy of the developer’s agreement.

In the developer’s agreement, Goldammer had issue with the assessments for water, sidewalks, streets, erosion control, lighting, signal interconnect, etc. Goldammer said when he bought the land in 1999, he was working with Lincoln County at the time and that agreement was he would give up a 50-foot right-of-way and assessment.

Mayor John Lawler said the developer’s agreement is the same as other developer’s agreements they have had with landowners in the past to develop ground into urban property.

City engineer Jason Kjenstad with HDR Engineering said County Highway 106 is an arterial corridor into Tea and the city can have 50 feet without compensating the landowner. Kjenstad said they have applied for a TIGER grant through the U.S. Department of Transportation to widen that highway. They should find out if they received the grant by the end of October or early November. Right now landowners would be assessed $208 per foot.

“I’ve had a business here for 22 years. That’s something I can’t agree with. I’d love to build on it and develop it,” Goldammer said.

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