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Tea Weekly expands staff

Tea Weekly has hired Jonathan Kruger as a new advertising salesmen and designer. Advertising Manager and co-publisher Kelli Bultena will stay on as advertising manager but is looking forward to the additional help.

Bultena said, “I enjoy helping our client’s in Tea market their businesses and I feel confident that Jon will bring new ideas and a fresh perspective.”

Kruger is a 2012 graduate of Southeast Technical Institute with an Associate Degree in Graphic Communications.

Originally from New Mexico, Kruger was adopted at age ten and moved with his family to Luverne, MN. Kruger now makes his home in Sioux Falls. He and his fiancé Alyssa Naber are planning a May 21st wedding.

Kruger discovered his love of design in high school.

“I took three graphic arts classes in high school and loved it. I also took a photography class and loved it,” he said.

After that introduction Kruger began to learn on his own, and that’s when he decided to pursue a career in design. Kruger is also employed as a studio photographer at JC Penney Portraits in Sioux Falls. He has worked at the studio nearly three years.

Photography is one of Kruger’s passions. He also freelances as an outdoor photographer, capturing events like senior pictures, weddings and proms.

In his free time Kruger enjoys watching movies with his fiancé and avoiding attacks from his fiancé’s cat, Taco. He is also a Renaissance Festival enthusiast and looks forward to the event each year. Kruger has spent a lot of time traveling, visiting almost all of the United States, as well as enjoying some international travel after graduating high school.

As the next adventure begins, Kruger said, “I am looking forward to designing ads and getting to talk to people…”

“And having fun,” he adds with a smile.

To place your ad in Tea Weekly, email Jon today!


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