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Legacy Elementary construction progressing

Legacy Elementary construction work made strides in the past month.

Clair Willemssen, construction manager for the Tea Area School District building projects, reported on the progress at the March 14 school board meeting. He said they are waiting for the ground to dry up to get sidewalks put in, but the parking lot did get light poles put in. Drywall is complete and painting is ongoing. The ceiling grid is mostly in place except for the corridors. Lockers are onsite and should be going in at the end of the week. Ceramic tile is complete in the bathrooms and quarry tile has finished up in the kitchen. The dishwasher and other kitchen equipment will start going in later this week.

Flooring in the building will continue next week. The boilers and water heater have been started. Radiant heat panels are being finished in the office area. The fire sprinkler installers will be back later this week to finish up.

Wayne Larsen, operations manager, said the high school secure entrance project continues. The front yard has been graded and sloped. The hallway is about 90 percent drywalled. Window glass will not be installed until it has been painted. The vestibule is waiting on some wiring and electrical. The access door has to be moved and re-ordered because the current one was too small.

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