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Titans qualify record number for State Tournament

The Titans hosted the District 9 tournament in Tea on Saturday, March 5th. There were 300 wrestlers from 12 different clubs participating. The top eight who placed at each weight class in their division advanced to the Region tournament. Tea had 75 wrestlers compete from ages 6-12 years old in the tournament. The Titans had 67 wrestlers who placed in the top eight and advanced to the Region tournament in Brandon on Sunday, March 13th.

Forty-four wrestlers placed in the top six at the region tournament. The top three wrestlers from each weight class in all age divisions advance to the State tournament, except the Novice (11 & 12 age) division where the top four advance. The Titans qualified 29 wrestlers for the 2016 SDWCA State Youth Wrestling Tournament. This sets new records for the Tea Club with the number of wrestlers participating in Districts, qualifying for Regions and advancing to the State tournament. There were 584 wrestlers competing at the Region tournament from twenty-three different towns. This year’s state tournament will be held at the Barnett Center in Aberdeen April 2nd & 3rd.

Place finishers advancing to State include the following with their division, weight, and place: Graysen Pastian, Tots, 46, 1st; Michael Bastemeyer, Tots, 53, 1st; Rowdy Marti, Bantam, 40, 1st; Kade Eimers, Bantam, 44, 2nd; Nash Delger, Midgets, 50, 3rd; Graham Wilde, Midgets, 59, 3rd; Sam Werdel, Midgets, 67, 2nd; Aidan Kranz, Midgets, 72, 2nd; Dawson Eimers, Midgets, 77, 3rd; Jackson Tschetter, Novice, 60, 2nd; Maddix Slykhuis, Novice, 64, 1st; Wyatt Stuntebeck, Novice, 68, 1st; Hunter Wilson, Novice , 72, 4th; Connor Eimers, Novice, 77, 1st; Peyton Fridrich, Novice, 82, 3rd; Gavin Chapman, Novice, 87, 2nd; Matthew Schwebach, Novice, 108, 4th; Griffen Schnider, Novice, 117, 3rd; Tanner Meyers, Novice, 127, 1st; Josh Mussi, Novice, 138, 4th; Hayden Hindberg, Schooboy, 180, 3rd; Quincy Hulverson, Schoolboy, 70,1st; Austin Hackrott, Schoolboy, 95, 3rd; Kiet Gilberts, Schoolboy, 115, 2nd; Kaden, Johnson Schoolboy, 120, 1st; Riley Schnider , Schoolboy, 120 3rd; JT Panning, Schoolboy 140 2nd; Kimberlee Hindberg, GirlsCadets, 120 1st; PJ Parmelee, Cadets, 152 2nd.

Others that placed in the top 6 at Regions are: Henry Fortin, Tots, 46, 4th; Daylen McKnelly, Bantam, 47, 5th; Landyn Johnson, Bantam, 47, 6th; Aaden Kuchta, Bantam 57, 5th; Cason Mediger, Bantam, 61, 6th; Tyler Woodring, Midgets, 56 5th; Wes Martin, Midgets, 63, 5th; Austin Eimers, Midgets 67, 6th; Fyrst Henriksen, Novice, 68, 6th; Carson Lohr, Novice, 82, 5th; Preston Eimers, Schoolboy, 100, 6th; Justin Walz, Schoolboy, 110, 4th; Luke Elkins, Cadets, 160, 4th; Soren Brands, Cadets, 170, 4th; Brenner Konrad, Midgets, 82, 4th.

Wrestlers that participated at Regions are: Slater Wilson, Tots, 43; Hayden Hakenson, Bantam, 47; Maxwell Bisschop, Bantam, 47; Trevin Audis, Bantam, 47; Kade Korleski, Bantam, 57; Joseph Poss, Midgets, 56; Kameron Bellmer, Midgets, 56; Braeden Dunkelberger, Midgets, 59; Parker Wilson, Midgets, 63; Mason Schaefer, Midgets, 67; Benjamin Honkomp, Midgets, 82; Joseph Benton, Midgets, 89; Christian, Selzler, Novice, 72; Will Martin, Novice, 72; Mathias Seaton, Novice, 77; Asher Eidem, Novice, 82; Dane Mediger, Novice, 82; Ian Jorgensen, Novice, 82; Keegan DeYoung, Novice, 93; Devin Pence, Schoolboy, 100; Dylan, Pence Schoolboy, 100.

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