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New postal worker makes return to Tea

Tea’s newest postal worker returned to Tea in January.

Siera Miles, a Tea native and Tea Area high school graduate, started working at the Tea post office in January. She came to Tea after a transfer from the post office in Chancellor.

“I worked at Subway here in Tea for a few years and then I started working at the post office down in Chancellor and then I came back up here after a transfer,” she said.

Miles joins two others in the building and four carriers. Miles’ duties include handling the mail to get it out to the carriers and into the post office boxes. She answers customers’ questions about what they can and cannot send in the mail.

She is happy to be back working in Tea and likes seeing people she had seen before.

“It’s been funny. Everyone sees the yellow Blazer out there and everyone’s like, ‘No way. She’s working here now,’” Miles said. “It has been kind of cool to see those people again.”

Miles likes working for the postal service because she enjoys working with customers. She also likes the stability.

“It’s a good career to have. I’ve been really blessed with really good people to work with, which makes the job so much better. I have nothing to complain about. It’s a secure job. It pays the bills. I love working with customers, so that helps too,” Miles said.

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