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Order. Pick up. Boom.

Fireworks Andy Jorgensen

A Tea native is revolutionizing the way people buy fireworks: online. Andy Jorgensen, 24, is launching Fire Brothers Fireworks on June 27, just in time for the multi-million dollar Fourth of July buying spree. The website is currently counting down the day until Fire Brothers Fireworks launches.

Rather than scanning the shelves of a fireworks store, customers can go to to select their products and pick up their order within an hour in Sioux Falls.

“Obviously there’s a market for it. You’re talking about a multi-million dollar industry over 9 days,” said Jorgensen. “I grew up in Tea, so we shopped fireworks every single Fourth. That place turns into a war zone on the 4th of July.”

Tea is one of the few towns around that allows fireworks to be launched in the city limits, and people come from across the tri-state area to buy fireworks at the I-29 exit.

A 2008 Tea Area High School graduate, Jorgensen ran one of those stores two years before getting a degree in communications and minors in marketing and business.

“What I saw was an opportunity. Most of these stores operate in a very old-fashioned method. People are buying things online. So we have a 100-year-old industry that’s still operating in a 100-year-old mindset. You’ve either got to figure out how to do it better than the competition or in a different way,” he said.

Fire Brothers Fireworks will be the region’s first online fireworks store, and Jorgensen is pretty proud about that.

The website will feature hundreds of videos, too.

Fire Brothers Fireworks

“You can sit and watch a video of every firework in the comfort of your home and what they do and pick them up packed and ready within 30 minutes,” he said.

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View videos and order online at . Pick up your purchases the same day at 8101 W. 12th St., located near Tea-Ellis Rd.

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