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TK Designs crafting a place in Tea community

Looking for a clever logo or nifty design for your business, a special occasion or for something to have at home? A local Tea business has you covered.

Tracy Kirschenman, originally from Sioux City, IA, is the owner and designer of TK Designs, which has been in existence for about the past five years. She and her husband, Allen, recently moved their young family to Tea from Harrisburg in February of this year. The design business came right along with them.

“It came to be when I got pregnant with our first son and decided I wanted to stay home with him,” said Kirschenman. “I missed designing so much after being at home for six months that I decided to start my own company.”

Her products and designs are nearly limitless. You would be hard pressed to come up with something so unique or different that she would be unable to produce.

“I can design nearly anything for personal or business use. Logos, business cards, pamphlets, brochures, invitations (wedding, birthday party, business functions), vehicle graphics, wall graphics, and my most popular item…wooden wall hangings.”

The wall hangings are a specialty of Kirschenman, and every one is made completely from scratch. She has to cut the wood, distress it, stain, varnish and sometimes paint, depending on what the customer is looking for. Next she designs each quote, Bible verse, saying or design on each one.

“There are quite a few companies out there that do similar wall hangings, but most of them are painted. Mine have vinyl on them. I feel like the positive side of it is that the font options are nearly unlimited, as opposed to painted which tend to be all very similar.”

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