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Book signing to benefit LaGonave Alive ministry in Haiti

A book signing will be held on Sunday evening, November 13th, from 6:30-7:30 at Embrace Church’s Tea Campus to raise money for locally based Haitian ministry LaGonave Alive.

The book, “Even a Little Raindrop”, is a children’s short story book written with the purpose of uniting local and Haitian children. How? It’s written both in English and Haitian Creole, allowing children in the U.S. to learn Haitian, and those in Haiti to get a better grasp of English. In addition, those who purchase a book for the suggested donation of $10 are also purchasing another book which will then be set aside and brought to Haiti.

The author, Bruce Blumer, and his wife, Sharon, started the nonprofit ministry a few years ago. LaGonave is an island about 15 miles off the coast of Haiti. Its location also provides some difficult challenges for the locals, and LaGonave Alive helps in three big areas: schools, health care, and provision for some, children and the elderly.

“We are supporting scholarships for 35 students to attend school from elementary through university level,” said Blumer. “We supplied school supplies (2 pens, 2 pencils, 4 notebooks) for 2,000 children in our “Back to School” program.”

The Blumers’ ministry also buys uniforms for children so they can attend public school. Blumer also says LaGonave Alive will be sending a team in January to revamp an existing school to hopefully open within the next year.

LA has also been active in providing for the medical needs of the island’s citizens.

“We supported a young man, William Hyppolite, an orphan from LaGonave to finish medical school,” said Blumer. “He has returned to Haiti and we have opened a small clinic in a rural area to serve the people. We have also educated three nurses and one of them is working in the clinic.”

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