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Tea city council approves joint jurisdiction with Sioux Falls

The Tea City Council approved the joint jurisdiction resolution with Sioux Falls at its Dec. 19 meeting.

The council first heard from City of Sioux Falls urban planner Albert Schmidt at its Nov. 21 council meeting. The resolution moves the jurisdiction line from the equidistant line to a more squared off area that divides the areas at 85th Street and Interstate 29.

Planning and zoning administrator Kevin Nissen presented the site plan for Leyva Drywall in the Hagedorn Industrial Park. The site plan calls for a 12,592 square foot building.

The council heard about building plans for a 7,500 square foot metal building for Marken Properties in the Carl Soukup Addition. Mayor John Lawler strongly suggested the owners dress up the building with stone or wainscoting to help the building match the buildings in the surrounding area. Nissen noted there currently are no design standards in place for industrial uses.

Council members approved the site plan for Leyva Drywall and the building plan for Marken Properties.

The council also approved the sidewalk pay application for the work that was completed this year in the amount of $15,735.20. They approved the animal control services and impound facility operations agreement for 2017 with the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society. The agreement is the same as in 2016.

Finance officer Dawn Murphy provided a breakdown for the cost for each property owner along 271st Street. The council approved resolution 16-12-24, a proposed resolution of necessity for the 271st Street reconstruction project. The council approved the resolution for a 15-year assessment with an interest rate to not exceed 6 percent.

Murphy also provided information on city water rates, sewer rates and water deposits. She noted that the water rate is based on a 2014 resolution to slowly increase the rate. In January the rate should go up 4 cents.

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