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IMED Mobility rebuilds with new Tea facility

It took 18 months to complete, but IMED Mobility in Tea has a brand new facility.

After the previous facility was destroyed in a February 2015 fire, it was unknown how quickly IMED would rebound. It took over 50 firefighters from Tea and the surrounding area, and thousands of gallons of water, to put the fire out. The unfortunate result meant the Tea business would have to rebuild completely. It involved some scrambling and a small relocation to the strip mall a block west, but IMED is finally back on their original grounds at 200 East First Street in new surroundings.

“We upgraded our entire facility,” said company CEO and President Bob Lundin. “We are now able to work on larger equipment ([such as] shuttle busses) in the service area. We are also able to have vehicle and home mobility products on display in the showroom. Our previous building did not have the space for a showroom.”

Speaking of that showroom, IMED’s new building is quite spacious with a 4,000 square foot showroom and a 3,500 square foot service area. There are also oversized offices in which to help clients. Considering most clients are in wheelchairs and scooters, this is advantageous for both workers and clients. The showroom space also allows for the addition of eight televisions for the use of looping product promotions.

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