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Tea officers recognized for service

Last Monday Officer Waller received the Police Award and Merit Award. The Police Award is awarded to officers who through personal initiative, tenacity and great effort act to solve a series of crimes or felony crimes.

Officer Waller investigated a case of theft from an elderly person, there were various difficult elements to the case. It took a good length of time and some old fashioned shoe leather detective work but he was able to get a felony conviction and get the property back to the family. He also apprehended a subject who fled from and caused injury to the another officer.

The Merit Award is awarded to officers who distinguish themselves by performing in stressful situations with exceptional tactics and or judgement. On Christmas Day during weather elements and traffic in the roadway, Officer Waller found a subject who was the suspect in a domestic assault that had just occurred and was under the influence of amphetamines. The subject resisted arrest and with multiple other factors, Officer Waller was able to take the suspect into custody. Over $1300 in cash, drugs and paraphernalia was seized.

Also last Monday Officer Siemonsma received the Distinguished Service Award and Pistol Expert. The Distinguished Service Award is presented to officers who made a significantly noteworthy and exceptional contribution to the Tea Police Department.

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