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TAHS presents The Stuck Pot

Tea Area High School will present “The Stuck Pot” April 28-29 at 7 p.m. in the high school gym.

The synopsis of the play is some boy is always getting stuck with an awful “lemon” for his date at the annual dance. The boys have decided to establish a consolation prize to be awarded to the boy who gets stuck. They call it The Stuck Pot. The girls retaliate by establishing a stuck pot of their own. So much money is collected for the two stuck pots that everyone (almost!) wants to win. Alice is particularly anxious to win. She’s not much interested in boys and she’d like that “pot” in order to buy a microscope. Alice is a whiz at chemistry and she cooks up a unique new “perfume,” the smell of which should send any boy running for the hills. Meanwhile, some of the other girls are vying to be the most unattractive, and it results in probably the most riotously funny dance scene your audience will ever see. The dance reaches a humorous climax and a delightful resolution.

Junior kindergarten teacher Katie Smith directs the cast of 18. Cast members include: Anna Klocke, Delaney Krogh, Tye Lynch, Jarret Johnson, Jacob Hyland, Meghan McDaniel, Abby Klocke, Phoebe Flaskey, Gabby Warwick, Melissa Graue, Jaelyn Morehead, Amber Ihlen, Kaitlyn Fredrick, Allie Rea, Tucker Hawkey, Tyra Klarenbeek, Liz Hartl and Ryan Adema.

Tickets prices are $4 Adults $2 Children and Seniors and are available at the door. Activity passes will be accepted.

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