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School board approves special education high needs program

The Tea Area School Board met on July 10 with President John Herr calling the meeting to order. This was the final meeting for board member Bob Lundin whose term has expired. Superintendent Jennifer Lowery presented Lundin with a thank you gift and thanked him for his service on the board.

As this meeting marked the start of the fiscal year, board member conflicts were disclosed again, as is required by law. Disclosures included: Board member Kristen Daggett — Daggett Tree Service/Trucking LLC; Diamond D Construction; Board Member Conrad Pick — wife substitute teaches for the district; daughter works at Reliabank; and Todd Irvine — Jans Corporation.

There was little discussion. It was pointed out that if legal discussion was held regarding Jans Corporation Irvine would excuse himself. The waivers were approved.

The consent agenda was approved, which included the approval of minutes, acknowledgment receipt of financials and the approval of bills, with the exclusion of the payout for Jans Corp which was made separately so Irvine could abstain during approval.

Under the Business Manager’s report, Chris Esping reported that the loan for the scoreboard has been changed. Reliabank rewrote the loan into a two year note with a balloon payment. This brings the loan into compliance for the two year loan limit. Esping anticipates the loan will be rewritten in two years. Esping also requested a supplemental budget authority for basic end of year accounting clean-up.

The budget hearing was convened at 6:44 p.m. and with no public questions, the budget hearing was declared closed five minutes later.

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