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Realtor refinisher

For realtor Jessica Bergman, refinishing furniture is a hobby that has taken over her life.

“Actually it was a hobby that really got out of control,” Bergman said.

Bergman, a realtor for Keller Williams, began selling her refinished items at Tea Heritage Square in about November after meeting owner Tammy Reynolds.

She noted that she had driven by a few times before deciding to stop in. When she walked in the doors to Tea Heritage Square she thought it would look like a thrift store, but what she found was a beautiful setup and a passionate owner.

“To see the passion that Tammy has to succeed and help people, that really won me over. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” she said.

Bergman picks up pieces to do here and there. A lot of people know that she does refinishing or refurbishing furniture so they offer their old pieces to her.

One of her favorite pieces is a picture and a mirror in one that she has hanging on her wall. Another of her favorites is a cabinet she is working on now and one that she has redone several times. That cabinet will be available for sale at the store.

Bergman said Reynolds has helped her find a place to sell her pieces.

“I was making all this stuff and none of it really fit in my house just because it didn’t match or whatever, but it was awesome stuff and I was having fun. I had way too much,” Bergman said.

Check out Bergman’s collection at Tea Herietage Square which will be relocating to 135 Main Avenue in Tea, Aug. 1.

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