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Senator Thune visits Weisser Distributing in Tea

Tea played host to U.S. Senator John Thune earlier this week, as he came to tour Weisser Distributing on August 28. Sen. Thune visited the distributor after speaking at the 2017 South Dakota Technology Showcase in Sioux Falls. He is currently the chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, which examines how Congress can encourage growth and innovation in the technology sector.

In Thune’s outline for the Commerce Committee, he states, “At the Commerce Committee, we don’t guide new technologies; instead, technology guides us to the policies that are needed. At the end of the day, it will be American innovators and entrepreneurs who will determine what the digital future holds, not us. The best that government can do is try to facilitate their success while making sure we are not accidentally standing in their way.

“If youth is all about endless possibility, then adulthood is all about manifesting that potential into reality. As the Internet matures in its twenties, I am excited to watch how it and other emerging technologies will continue to change our world in the coming years. And as a leader in the Congress, I am eager to do my small part in ensuring that all Americans benefit from these amazing advances.”

Weisser Distributing knows all about the possibilities provided by technology and the internet. Bob Weisser went into business for himself as an automotive supplies wholesaler in 1978. For many years, his car was his office and his garage was the company warehouse. Times change, and the company has experienced drastic growth in recent years thanks to selling online through sites such as Amazon, and expanding their offerings outside car parts, as well as growing their local distribution.

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