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Local sellers find new ways to use old things

Antiquing has evolved over the years, thanks to shows like American Pickers and Flea Market Flip. Although there are still plenty of collectors out there looking for just the right piece to add to their display, there is also a whole new group of people looking for items and things to upcycle or purchase items that have already been re-purposed. In the next few weeks we will be featuring local sellers who have booths at I-29 Antiques, the antique and collectible mall located just west of the Tea exit.

One couple who turned their love for vintage, antiques and re-purposing into a business venture is Tony and Jennifer Weber. They have had a booth at I-29 for one year. One of the things that drew them to the idea was the history or story behind the item Jennifer said.

“We like to see unwanted items loved again,” she added.

That’s why their booth features all kinds of repurposed items for decorating your home. Booth #44 displays vintage windows and picture frames with sayings on them made out of vinyl lettering, as well as wood signs, pillows and window car decals.

Jennifer said, “We recently expanded and we are now offering unique home decor items with a vintage/antique and farmhouse flair.”

Jennifer grew up in the rural Monroe area and went to school in Marion. Tony grew up in the rural Tea area and went to school in Lennox. The couple now reside in the rural Parker area. Although they both still continue with full-time jobs, their booth at I-29 keeps them busy. They sell under the name Vinyl Creations by JW. Jennifer said they add items to the booth on a weekly basis.

The best sellers seem to be the repurposed vintage windows.

“The most popular ones are On the Farm, Dandelion, Spirit Lead Me, Rise & Shine and You Raise Me Up,” she said.

The most original piece they have ever sold was an arched topped window.

She described the piece, saying, “It was two old vintage four-pane arched topped windows that had original Starburst Glass in it that came out of the old YMCA building in downtown Sioux Falls. We do have a few more unique windows from the old YMCA building that we are working on getting ready to sell.”

Coming across those unique windows is part of the fun of the couple’s new business. Not only are they able to offer really cool pieces for sale —they find some pieces too great to part with.

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