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SBA, bankers tour IMED

MED Mobility hosted bankers from around the area and the South Dakota Small Business Administration at its facility in Tea Nov. 30.

IMED owner Bob Lundin partnered with Reliabank in Tea and SBA on the 504(c) program to expand his business. In 2015, IMED had a fire that destroyed the old building. Working with the bank and SBA has allowed them to rebuild and expand.

“These guys have been fantastic to work with. I’ve been on my own for 17 years and I appreciate bankers like there’s no tomorrow because without the bankers we wouldn’t have small businesses in America,” Lundin said.

When IMED first came to Tea, the building had one bay and room for one vehicle to display and the service area was a block away.

“When I talked with Jeremy and Amy on how do we expand the business, how do we make it lay out for customers, they both said why don’t we do the 504(c) program and put it all in one area for you,” Lundin said.

With the program, they were able to expand the operation. They were able to customize the offices to make things easier for their customers.

“We were really able to customize everything we did with the contractor and with the financing we got,” Lundin said. “We’re having our best year ever this year. I think a lot of it is due to the expansion that we did with having service and the showroom all in one. Our manufacturers come out and all of them have said this is the nicest dealership in the entire country for mobile dealers.”

Lundin showed the bankers around the facility and what they do. He stressed the importance of caring for customers and helping change their lives.

“I love helping people that’s why we have this business. People that work here love the same thing, just taking care of them and changing lives,” Lundin said.

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