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Sanitation company starts business in Tea

With the population growth in Tea, the city council approved a fifth garbage hauler license at its December meeting.

The new company, Roo’s Sanitation, started offering service in Tea this week with garbage pickup on Friday.

Ruby Zuraff and her husband, Justin, opened their business a year ago with commercial and residential garbage service in Sioux Falls and Harrisburg. With just the two of them and occasionally her father-in-law, she said they plan to stick with the three towns until eventually they hire a driver.

The name for the business came from the nickname Ruby’s husband gave her years ago - Ruby Roo.

Growing up in the Colman area, Justin watched his parents own their own company.

“We have always wanted to own our own business. Justin’s parents own their own company. My husband had been doing sanitary service for many years, then he decided why not start our own,” Ruby said.

She said they wanted to start offering service in Tea because it’s where they have lived for the past five years raising their four children.

“It’s where our shop is located and we live in Tea. We wanted to be able to service our home. We had lots of friends asking us about it,” she said.

While many garbage service companies require cans to be placed on the curb, Roo’s Sanitation does not. Customers can leave their cans by the garage instead.

“We also do valet service so you don’t have to put your cart curbside. We’ll come up to the house to get them and then bring them back up,” Ruby said.

Their garbage service in Tea also offers weekly recycling pickup.

“We do weekly recycling and not a whole lot of people do that. It seems like it’s a huge need,” she said.

Find Roo’s Sanitation on Facebook or their website at

Ruby said they are excited to offer service in Tea.

“It’s exciting and we’re excited for the opportunity,” she said.

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