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Commemorations presented at legislative coffee

South Dakota legislators from District 6, Rep. Isaac Latterell, Rep. Herman Otten and Sen. Ernie Otten, met with constituents at a legislative coffee at Tea City Hall Feb. 3.

The legislators read a commemoration for the 2017 Tea Area High School boys soccer team and boys basketball team for their state championship wins. They also read a commemoration for Tea Area Teacher of the Year for 2017 Joan Allison.

Latterell said they have seen a large number of bill introductions. Herman Otten said that he has been working on legislation on non-meandered waters.

City councilman and contractor Todd Boots asked how Senate Bill 131, a bill to create the career and technical education consortium grant program and the career and technical education consortium fund, would be funded. Ernie Otten said they are trying to tie it to excise tax, but noted that is unstable.

Luella DeJong questioned senate bills 200 and 103 on immigration. SB103 is a bill to prohibit aliens who are not lawfully present in the United States from attending any public postsecondary educational institution or from receiving certain educational financial assistance. SB200 is a bill to prohibit certain actions by the state regarding refugee resettlement.

The legislators emphasized that these bills are dealing with people who are in the country illegally, not those immigrants or refugees who have come to the United States legally.

“It wouldn’t be right for us to move people who are prohibited nationally. SB200 is dealing with only unsafe people coming in and on the list of dangerous people,” Latterell said.

DeJong was worried that DACA students are impacted by the proposed legislation. E. Otten said they have no authority over DACA students.

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