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Preserving the history of Tea

One local organization is trying to remind people why local history matters.

The Tea Historical Society was formed in 1999 and since that time has accomplished numerous projects, the largest being the establishment of the Tea Museum, located next to the Tea Community Hall at 200 W. Maple Street in Tea. This building is also known as the old St. Nicholas Catholic Church, built in 1906.

Tea Historical Society president Luella DeJong gave an overview of the society and establishment of the museum. She said the goal of the Historical Society was to maintain the history of Tea and the museum was a reflection of that history.

The museum is open for tours to individuals and groups by calling DeJong at 368-2492. The space is packed full of Tea memorabilia and interesting piece from the past. Items like Tea Tigers baseball jerseys, antique band instruments, a quaint kitchen with an old telephone, teapots, clothing, farm machinery and tools — something of interest to everyone.

Right now the Historical Society is looking for new members. DeJong wants people to know that members don’t have to be born and raised here — only interested in Tea’s history.

Local history teaches you about your community. You learn the histories behind names and places you pass by without ever giving them a second thought. Learning about local history can help you realize the grand scheme of historical change is made up of countless individuals like you and those around you who in their own ways contributed to the ongoing story of your community.

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