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The coffee’s on: Sunshine opens new coffee bar, fountain pop area

Sunshine Foods owner Kyle Svanda decided the store needed a seating area this winter.

After thinking about doing something different in the north end of the store since the fall, he started work on the area in January. The new section took the place of salad dressings, pickles and olives that had been located to the west of the produce.

“I kind of started thinking about it last fall and decided maybe it’s time to do something other than think about it,” Svanda said.

The new area includes seating, heated merchandise, an 8-foot cold case, coffee and cappuccino bar and fountain pop station featuring Pepsi products.

Svanda estimates half of the Sunshine stores have something similar. He thought it would be a good fit for the Tea store.

“The hot meals, you can grab it and take it with you if you want. You can sit down and eat it. It’s quick and you’re not wasting your whole lunch hour,” he said.

All of the hot food is made in store. In the cold case, they slice all of the meats and cheeses in store and package the salads, too.

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