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Student handbook changes approved by school board: Classroom capacities lead to enrollment denials f

Tea Area School Board called a regular meeting to order at 6:40 p.m. on Monday, June 11. A 5:15 p.m. work session was held prior to the meeting. The meeting agenda was approved with a food service RFP additions requested by Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Lowery. Minutes from May 14 and May 29 meetings were approved.

The district received grant reimbursements from the Homeland Security grants. An extraordinary cost fund was received at approximately $30,000 less than asked for.

Business Manager Chris Esping reported concern from the district’s agent about the umbrella limit of the property liability insurance. The limit currently stands at $4,000,000 and an increase would raise premiums.

“He felt for a district of our size, we should have a higher limit, more like seven or eight million dollars,” stated Esping.

Data compromise and cyber liability funds were discussed. Esping noted that the district currently has $50,000 on for each built into the current premium.

A new law which is active on July 1 will require all potentially impacted stakeholders to be notified in the event of a data breach. Payment for credit checks and other measures would be required from the district in the event of a data breach. Esping pointed out that the district is required to have their own firewalls and related proactive measures.

“I think it’s early enough in all of this stuff that there probably isn’t enough information to know what’s the right amount of coverage,” said Board President John Herr.

Old business discussed at the meeting included Venture Elementary’s progress. Operations Manager Wayne Larsen described the progress as being steady and said the weather has not interfered lately. Larsen stated that Dakotaland Sod expects to be finished pouring footings within the week.

Lowery received contract proposals for the expansion of Frontier elementary school from Jans Corp. and Koch Hazard. Lowery recommended Koch Hazard after examining the proposals. Herr allowed Lowery to proceed with obtaining contracts for the project.

New business started off with the approval of open enrollments. One in-district transfer of a student from second grade at Frontier to Legacy was approved. Lowery recommended open enrollment of 13 elementary school students and two staff members between Frontier and Legacy elementary schools. These enrollments were approved, along with three students and two employees at the middle school. High school open enrollments included four students. An application has been submitted and approved for a fifth grade student to be homeschooled.

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